How to Fight against Negative Thoughts and Have a Healthy Mind

Negative thoughts can have a great impact to our health even if you like it or not. However I believe that negative thoughts can be undone and we can free our thoughts from. Immersing yourself in negativity is like building a prison for your mind and keeps you drawn into depression and stress. Many people even tried to distract their negative thoughts by looking for an outlet to express themselves but end up feeling worst and it feels like a lifelong battle.

If you do not take a major action, negative thinking can lead to habit and will eventually ruin you. Even when things do not seem threatening, we create some negative thoughts in our mind and cause trouble which isn’t there in the first place. I was once a negative thinker because I believed it was part of my defense mechanism, and luckily meditation and healthy lifestyle help me break through my own prison. Here are the four points that helped me a lot during the process and since then I gained inner peace and joyful journey free from negativity in my mind

  • What triggers your negative thoughts?

First and foremost before anything else, we need to identify what causes our negative thoughts to keep echoing in our mind. Usually, negative thoughts have patterns – repetitive patterns. And when it happens, we will then decide to react towards the negativity out of our own emotion. As I have mentioned earlier, my negative thoughts comes from my defense mechanism and anxiety. Here are other causes of negative thoughts that you should consider:

  • Criticism
  • Regret and guilt
  • Problems
  • Discontent
  • Paranoid
  • Skeptical
  • Mood swing
  • Judgmental
  • And many more
  • Take action against the negative thoughts.

People who are imprisoned with their own negative thoughts often feel restless because they do not know what to do. Based on my experience (and I hope it works for you, too!), I put my feet back to reality and be aware of my own negative thoughts. Yes, it’s quite hard to do especially when you are too drawn to it. Devote yourself to identify when the negative thoughts arise and observe what is going on inside your mind and its pattern. This is where meditation and quiet times come in. During this moment, I can analyze and reconnect to my well-being and Higher Power, and get to know myself more. Never choose to ignore negative thoughts or just “sweep it under the rug” because it will only worsen the situation in the long run. Be the watcher of yourself.

  • Live one day at a time.

One thing I have learned from my adorable dog is to live one day at a time. Dogs do not keep resentment in the past nor guilt, which is why they are so happy-go-lucky and fun-loving creature. Negative thoughts usually occur when we start dwell in the mistakes of the past and worrying about the future. Based on my own experience, thinking about the past and the future is tiresome and brush off all my energy, somehow! My own negative thoughts stole most of my time when I should appreciate the simple beauty around me right at the very moment.

I still have more tips to include but it will take me three day to write! I hope these three simple tips can help you overcome your negative thoughts as it has saved mine. Give today your full attention and appreciate everything around you. Break free from negativity and bless others with positivity.


Best Food Supplements for the Brain

Do you need extra super foods for the brain? Thinking of getting supplements for the brain but does not know which brain supplement to take? Literally, there are thousands of brain supplements in the market to choose from. According to experts, taking brain supplements can help improve memory, mood, concentration, and protects the brain from cognitive deterioration, depression, anxiety and dementia.

Many people are skeptical with brain supplement and believe that it is only a psychological matter believing that when you take a dosage of brain supplement, you will feel good. However, researchers have studies brain supplements and its relativity to brain function and here are the lists of brain supplements that you can consider if you wish to personally take it.


DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid is the “holy grail” for the brain. It is important for brain function and the nervous system. Lack of omega-3 fatty acids can lead to variety of brain problem and psychological disorders. Memory loss, depression, mood swings, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and attention deficit disorder are all the causes of lack of DHA supplements. You can also find DHA omega-3 fatty acids in wild salmon and seed oils. Based on the study by Tufts University, old people who have top levels of DHA are 47% less likely to get dementia and 37% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those with lower levels of DHA.


You might not hear of this yet but creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that actually exist in animals. Recently, the creatine has become popular supplement for the brain because of its agents that help enhance the muscle power and provide energy to the cells in the body, plus it aids in the growth of the muscle fibers. Creatine has proven to enhance the memory and attention span.


Similar with the DHA, vitamin D is an all-around supplement for the body. Other than supplement, you can also get natural vitamin D through the sun rays in the morning. Vitamin D is beneficial because it can increase your mood, reduce depression, improve memory and enhance your problem-solving skills. In addition to that, vitamin D can reduce the risks of certain diseases like cancers, diabetes and heart disease including osteoporosis and hip fractures because vitamin D works by keeping the bones compactness.


If you noticed that you are often in the state of mental blocked and your memory is not working like it is supposed to, then you might have vitamin B12 deficiency. This often happens to elderly who have poor absorption of vitamins in their body. As a matter of fact, people who eat less meat are vulnerable to vitamin B12 deficiency. If you are low in vitamin B12, take the supplements as soon as possible in order to bring your levels back to normal state. If vitamin B12 deficiency is not treated for a long period of time, it can lead to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It is best to take it simultaneously with the three B’s vitamin – folic acid, B6 and B12 to prevent against Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and mental deprivation.


When it comes to the brain, antioxidants will never goes out of style. Taking antioxidant supplements is good to boost the brain. Antioxidants help protects the brain cells by counterbalancing the free radical dangers and keeping it away from premature brain cells aging. You can also found antioxidants properties in foods such as berries, leafy greens, prune, pecan, apples, pinto beans, soybeans, almonds, fresh basil, onion powder, raw garlic, red wine and the likes. However, I would strongly suggest to take antioxidant supplement than the diet alone because the supplement contains highly compact extract to give you the full benefits of antioxidants than from your diet alone.


This supplement is very rare, however it greatly benefits your brain by improving your overall brain well-being especially your memory. Vinpocetine is a periwinkle plant that is popular in Europe, Japan and has in recent times reached the United States market. Vinpocetine also helps increase the blood flow in the body to the brain which is good in order to supply oxygen to the brain. Vinpocetine is ideal for people who are suffering from symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and most expert believe that this supplement is effective than the ginkgo biloba in which I will discuss after this.


Ginkgo biloba one of the most used herbal supplements in the world because people believe that it can benefits any cognitive-related problems such as deprived concentration, forgetfulness, headaches, restlessness, confusion, depression and anxiety. However, ginkgo biloba is also quite controversial because some experts believed that this brain supplement does not have a solid proof that it can help with memory-related problem. Well, you be the judge. Consult your doctor before trying any of these brain supplements. Stay healthy!


Simple Ways to Make Your Baby’s Brain Smarter

It is intriguing to learn that as a child grows up; his development of the brain is yet to be finished. There are still parts of the brain that manages the thinking, memorizing including social and their behavior these are all parts that are yet to develop. It is amazing to know that the brain actually matures outside the womb not inside the womb. Therefore, it is important to properly nurture them while they are still young whether it is through affection, relationship or other means that positively affects your child’s brain in a positive way.

Here is what I have learned regarding the development of your child’s brain. I hope that through these fun and scientific activities, you will understand how your child develops and thus understand him or her better.

START HEALTHY. Being physically healthy for your child can start as early as while you are still pregnant. Avoid any drugs that can affect the baby’s growth including drinking alcohol and smoking. Maintain a regular, mild walk to help you become stronger as you carry the baby’s weight for nine months, it prepares your body for physical challenge during labor and lessen the risk of complications and make the baby and you healthy.

TALK and SING WITH THEM. It is important to communicate with your child with proper vocalizations. It will help their brain to understand every speech and pronunciation language for their input. Do not scream to them since baby can be very sensitive and it can give a negative impact or experience as they grow up. Have a meaningful conversation and respond to what they are trying to tell you. Human is a very communal creature, spending some time talking and singing helps them stimulate and expand their own brain.

PAY ATTENTION. Pay attention to what your child is saying or pointing. Paying attention to your baby can increase their self-confidence as they grew up. It will give them the feeling of importance; while on the other hand, not paying attention to your kids can lead to the feeling of rejection and low self-esteem. When your baby cries, immediate attend to his or her needs. Nurtures, cuddles and assure him in order to create positivity in your baby’s brain circuitry area which is associated with emotions. Touches can increase intimacy with your baby and this will send the emotional security signal to their brain.

MAKE MEALTIMES and RESTIMES ENJOYABLE. In order to put a positive perception about eating and rest time, you need to make it more enjoyable and not a form of punishment because kids will grow up remembering the experience they had. Compliment your child when he eats veggies, fruits and any other healthy foods. Never scold your kids for a messy table or messes they created. They will associate good times with eating healthy foods.

USE A PROPER WAY OF DISCIPLINE. Never cause your child any shame or terrifying them in from of people. I have seen most parents hit their child in public and it will develop an emotional brain pattern in them. Instead, use a low, serious voice tone to convey that you are serious with what you are saying. Be consistent and appropriate according to your child’s age.

LET THEM EXPLORE. One of the best methods to make your kids’ brain smarter is to let them explore things. Kids loves to play and it is one way for them to learn many things. Encourage your kids to never fear of trying and give them positive and constructive feedback so that they will know if they are doing it right and at the same time learn from their mistakes.

ENCOURAGE THEM TO READ. I have noticed that the similarities of all intelligent, smart kids are that they love reading books. They read a lot of books than I am! Reading helps develop their brain beyond limits. Choose appropriate books for their age and encourage them to read as often as they can. You can also reward them by visiting library or the zoo to help them enhance their imagination about animals that they read about in books. Stimulate their brain by exchanging ideas; this can enhance their critical thinking at a young age.

BUILD TRUST. Building trust with your kids can help the brain to develop well and become smarter. Trust does not happen in an instant. It can take years to build moments and memories. To trust someone means less stress and anxiety, stress and anxiety is believe to be one of the primary factor of cognitive deterioration in an individual. Trusting allows your kids to be more open to you and it will keep their brain away from stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, if you noticed that your child does not develop as they age, you should talk with your doctor about it and discuss the situation of your child. There might be some underlying health condition your child might go through. The doctor will tell you the next step or as to whether you need to connect with resources such as Early Childhood Centre.